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How it all works

Create a Brief

Write a quick video brief, specifying your product details, video type, and duration. Additionally, outline the specific requirements for creators who align with your target audience.

Send the Product

Creators will be matched and approved for your campaign - simply ship them your product so they can get started with creating your content.

Amplify the Content

Effortlessly approve the content or request edits, and utilize the UGC content in your marketing to grow your business and scale!

Get UGC Content Created Without the Fuss

Use Izyu on every step of Influencer marketing workflow & analytics:

Manage your influencers in one place
From fielding applicants to communicating with your influencers, IZYU provides all the tools you need to nurture authentic brand relationships at every stage of your influencer marketing campaign.
Work with the right influencers
Find the influencers who see your brand as more than a paycheck. IZYU gives you multiple ways to identify and invite only the perfect ambassadors for your brand.
Track sales & measure ROI
You love your brand relationships, but you also love results. Track all your KPIs, create custom reports, and demonstrate ROI without a single spreadsheet.
Streamline your campaigns
Stay on top of your creator content game with automated campaign management. Build custom workflows, generate individual affiliate links, issue custom coupon codes, manage product seeding, and simplify creator payouts.
Handle influencer payments easily
Stop struggling with influencer payouts. Send payment requests in just a few clicks to easily collect invoice and tax documents. Easily access all payment documents and never miss another payment deadline with payment status tracking.

IZYU integrates with your entire marketing stack

Social platforms. Ecommerce solutions. Communications tools. IZYU brings everything
your team needs for end-to-end influencer marketing into one place.

Can we kick it?
Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships. See how GRIN can 10X your influencer marketing today

What our customers are saying

Our happy customers love how IZYU scales their business

IZYU integrates everything into one, refreshingly intuitive suite, allowing my team to accomplish much more in a fraction of the time.
Greg Connolly
Founder & CEO at Trifecta
Finding IZYU was one of the biggest tools for our business to scale. We were able to take this one sales channel of influencer marketing and make it multiple sales channels.
Andrea Faulkner Willams
Co-Founder & CEO at Tubby Todd
I have gone from 1.5 employees managing our influencer program to .5 employees all while tripling the amount of partnerships.
Keri O’Brien
Director of Marketing & Sales at Darn Good Yarn