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Your talent deserves recognition! Align with brands your audience will love. Ready to dive in? Our exclusive global network connects creators with authentic opportunities. Step up to earn cash & products, turning your passion into earnings. Join today!

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Get paid to create custom content for top brands, advertisers, publishers, and eCommerce companies. Join the Izyu creator marketplace full of freelance opportunities for content creators.

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Numerous brands seek to showcase ads through your TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Profiles. With Creator licensing and TikTok Spark Ads, your reach & visibility skyrocket while earning cash!

Content Only

Certain brands seek authentic UGC for their channels, not yours. This approach enables you to focus on what you love most: crafting content, without worrying about audience and engagement.

Organic Content

Choose products that resonate with your personal brand and then craft outstanding content. Showcase the outcomes with your TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube community.

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Rewards Campaign
Give Customers Cool Stuff
Give out a free coffee, a 15% off discount coupon, or some cool swag. Just gift these awesome extras to your customers in exchange for some cool video content.
Send Products, Boost Sales
Simply send your products to the creators and receive UGC videos that will help you boost your sales, visibility, and interactions.