About Us

We’re Izyu. Nice to meet you!

Izyu is a company that thrives on the individual strengths of each of its team members. We foster a culture rooted in trust, continuous learning, and empathy. 

In essence, we are a group of genuine individuals who relish in meaningful conversations about life, culinary delights, sports, and all the topics that pique our curiosity. We believe in embracing our humanity and cherishing personal connections.

Operating as a fully remote team, we have mastered the art of collaborating from the comfort of our own homes. Passion for our craft unites us all. 

We are driven by a profound love for what we do, as we strive to propel the growth of Izyu and forge stronger connections between brands and creators.

What it means to work at Izyu

Welcoming culture

Our culture is warm and friendly, embracing the unique qualities that each team member brings.


We look to foster a diverse workplace, recognizing that diversity and inclusion allow us to see more, create better results, and enable us to more effectively serve our customers.

Real growth opportunities

We value learning and skill development, aspiring to cultivate growth opportunities for our team members at every level.

The Team

We’re a team of humans working together to do big things.

The work we do fills us with pride, and the incredible team behind Izyu is integral to our success. Our vibrant and agile team collaborates daily to spark innovative ideas, ensure client satisfaction, and maintain the seamless functioning of our software.

We are dedicated to improving creator marketing for all. Our distinct fusion of personalities, backgrounds, skills, and talents empowers us to break barriers and shape the future of creator and influencer marketing.

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