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Approve or Reject: Managing Content in One Place

Managing Content on the Campaign Content Page

On the Campaign Content page, you have full control over the content submitted by creators. Here’s how you can efficiently handle the approval process:

Content Review:

  • Navigate to the Campaign Content page to view all the content that creators have uploaded for your campaign.
  • Take your time to review each piece of content, considering alignment with your campaign goals and guidelines.

Decision Making:

  • For content you approve, the task is considered complete. This indicates your satisfaction with the creator’s work.
  • If a piece of content doesn’t quite meet your expectations, use the rejection option. This prompts the creator to revise and submit a new video based on your feedback.

Effective Communication:

  • Communication is key. If providing feedback or requesting revisions, utilize our platform’s messaging or communication features to interact with creators.
  • Clear communication ensures that creators understand your expectations and can make necessary adjustments to meet them.

By actively managing content on the Campaign Content page and maintaining open communication with creators, you’ll ensure a smooth and collaborative content creation process.

Happy Reviewing!