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What is the pricing structure?

At IZYU, our pricing model is designed to offer flexibility and cater to various campaign needs. We have three types of campaigns: Managed, Gift, and Reward. Access to each of these campaigns is based on your plan. You can find more information about our plans here:

  1. Managed Campaign:
    • Cost: $99 per creator.
    • In a Managed Campaign, you have the freedom to choose and collaborate with creators based on your preferences. You pay a fixed rate of $99 for each creator, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for extensive negotiations. This approach saves you time, money, and the challenges often associated with pricing discussions.
  2. Gift Campaign:
    • Cost: None (if you have access to this campaign type with your plan).
    • In a Gift Campaign, you can send your product as a gift to selected creators. This is an excellent way to introduce your product to influencers and content creators without incurring any additional costs. By providing your product as a gift, you create opportunities for organic and authentic content creation.
  3. Reward Campaign:
    • Cost: None (if you have access to this campaign type with your plan).
    • In a Reward Campaign, you have the option to offer creators a reward of your choice in exchange for their collaboration. The cost for this campaign type is variable and depends on the nature and value of the reward you decide to provide. This approach allows you to incentivize creators in a way that aligns with your marketing goals and brand strategy.

By offering Managed, Gift, and Reward Campaigns, IZYU ensures that you have a range of options to suit your specific marketing objectives. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a fixed cost per creator, the strategic use of product gifting, or the flexibility to reward creators based on your preferences, our pricing model is designed to empower your campaigns without unnecessary complexities. Choose the campaign type that best aligns with your goals and budget, and let IZYU simplify your influencer marketing experience.