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What is IZYU and what kind of campaigns can I run?

IZYU is an intuitive, user-friendly content platform that connects brands and creators for video content. Brands can harness IZYU and it’s creators to create captivating UGC videos customized for their e-commerce platforms, generate an authentic social media presence, or fulfill targeted advertising campaigns. Empowered by our diverse and carefully selected network of creators, IZYU enables businesses to acquire the compelling content needed to resonate with their audience and enhance sales.

Brands can currently opt for 3 types of campaigns on the Izyu Platform:

  1. Managed Campaigns – These types of campaigns are for brands to get the exact content they need with the help of the Izyu Team. Whether it’s an unboxing video, or product reviews, or try-on hauls – all you need to do is specify the video and creator requirements and we’ll do the work of matching creators to you campaign for a flat fee. You’ll need to approve the videos, and once approved, the creator gets paid for their work and you get the rights to the video to use as you need.
  2. Gift Campaigns – For self-service campaigns where in exchange for being provided / gifted the product, creators will create a video for you. You manage these campaigns, ship the products to the creator and then the videos should roll in!
  3. Reward Campaigns – For self-service campaigns centered around existing customers that already have your product and you want to provide a small reward (such as a coupon, some swag, or a gift card) to them for creating a video.

Access to managed campaigns are available for all accounts, however Gift and Reward campaigns currently require a plan. Check out our pricing and plans here: